Recommended Links

See below for some links to resources that are close to my heart and I find very useful.

ttlharmony is my sister company and other passion. At ttlharmony, I hold space for individual and community healing. In community healings, space is held for whatever spiritual, physical, emotional or mental healing is in divine order at that time. In individual sessions, we work together to heal your emotions and balance your energy, so you can live with joy and healthy vitality.


The Order of Melchizedek is a beautiful nonreligious service order of people who are here to serve the Earth.


I really enjoy The Intenders of the Highest Good. They share some inspiring and beautiful intentions and give you an opportunity to add your energy towards helping to materialize an expanded heavenly world.


In addition to my compelling interest in energy work, staying on top of the best ways to live with a high physical vibration has also been a long-time passion of mine.

Dr. Mercola’s website is the most visited natural health site on the Web. His newsletters are a wonderful resource that provides a baseline of information that I rely on to help give information about what foods are genuinely healthy and help support our high vibration. He started out as a typical Western medicine practitioner and has evolved into a strong leader in natural health information. It is my belief and opinion that nutrition is another area where there is a huge amount of misinformation available from traditional sources, so I personally follow a pretty wide variety of alternative experts and generally try to integrate the varying concepts that are shared. With Dr. Mercola, I don’t always find everything he has to say as necessarily the be-all and end-all or necessarily the most cutting-edge; nonetheless, I do always find his information helpful as a baseline of nutritional ideas that I feel are generally accurate and reliable. Oh, and I like the way he sets up his frequent newsletters, with both a really good condensed summary along with the expanded details.

Sigrira is a beautiful soul who has the gift to communicate with all life, from souls on the other side, to the smallest of living insects. I am continually inspired by her vision to help humanity, “Envision a world where we transcend species and understand each other as equals through love.”