Sigrira is a beautiful and gentle soul with the awe-inspiring gift of being able to clearly hear the communications from animals and other beings. I feel that she is playing a pivotal leadership role in helping humanity envision a world where we transcend species and see each other as equals through love. She is one of my most trusted teachers and has also become one of my dearest friends.

The development of her website Sigrira helped give birth to ttlharmony Publishing. People, including Sigrira, started coming to me for help in promoting their businesses, since they knew that I somehow managed to straddle both the metaphysical healing world and marketing.

This project was a magical experience for all of us. We know that Jarvis, one of Sigrira’s cat sons who had passed over, influenced me as I played a key role in writing the website.

Here are Sigrira’s comments about the experience.