Have you published a book that you feel is really meaningful and important to the world, but like 90% of books today, has sold fewer than 500 copies?

Do you have confidence in the book but not in your marketing savvy, and feel the book isn’t making the impact you envisioned (or bringing the tangible returns you deserve?)

Are you writing an inspirational book and know you will need help in reaching a vast audience?

Wouldn’t it be exciting if you could partner with someone who believes in you and your book, and is willing to work hard in bringing your message to the world?

My name is Lynn S. Bachrach and I’m glad you’re here.

I have an unusual background. I am both an emotion and energy healer and an entrepreneur. During the last 33 years, I have started and run seven corporations, including one that helped some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies double their clinical trial enrollment rates to bring new drugs to market more quickly. This entailed creating hundreds of business plans and marketing analyses. Earlier, I was the President of a $10-million public cardiac rehabilitation firm. I also was the top salesperson in two other health-care companies.

Here’s to helping awaken the divine within humanity while realizing your dreams.

With so much love,

What People Are Saying

“Thank you to both you and Kingsley for this morning’s presentation. … It is always spell-binding to listen to Kingsley. … [He] was always a good storyteller, but oh my he just keeps getting better! Hard to believe he could improve on excellence, but he has! … Your exercise left me speechless!! And that doesn’t happen often. All I really wanted to say was WOW! … Thank you again, my dear Lynn. Love and hugs …”

— Lesleen Bolt, President, Rotary Club Fort Lauderdale South

“I highly recommend working with this company. They are amazing speakers, captivating, and understand how to connect to their audiences. It was such a pleasure to work with Lynn and then to get Kingsley afterwards … I mean, I was in heaven with them. Highly recommend.”

— Michael Aguinaga, Public Programs Manager, the Museum of Discovery & Science, Fort Lauderdale, FL

“… many thanks to you and to Kingsley for doing so much for our guests, and adding so much to the impact of the exhibit. …”

— Kim L. Cavendish, President/CEO of the Museum of Discovery & Science, Fort Lauderdale, FL

“…I am not aware of anyone else who has Lynn’s unique combination of gifts; 30 years or so of successful entrepreneurial experience founding and running companies in the ‘regular’ business world, and more recently as a gifted multidimensional healer. It is unusual for a divine channel and healer to have such a unique combination of being able to understand both ‘worlds.’ When I met her, I wanted to set up my business but knew I did not have the talents for the ‘business-y’ side of things and was uncomfortable writing about myself (which she did so beautifully and the love and grace of her writing resonates through the pages of my website and does share everything I want it to.)”

— Sigrira Perret-Gentil Savitski, Atlanta, GA

“Having met Lynn in 1998, I am extremely fortunate to have experienced her as a CEO, a mentor, a leader, and an all-around asset to both my professional and personal lives. She is immeasurably intelligent, intuitive, hard-working, dedicated and caring; I would not be the employee nor the person I am today, without having met Lynn. While working with her for almost 6 years, I became more capable, confident and insightful, being given the opportunities to learn many facets of her busy, productive and well-run business. To this day, Lynn inspires me to do my very best in all aspects of life. She is truly gifted with many talents, and I’m certain that anyone who encounters her would agree. If presented with the opportunity to meet and work with her, I whole-heartedly recommend doing so.”

— Danielle J. Schweizer, MBA, Doylestown, PA